Application form for camping permits via web for private individuals

The application forms must be presented at least three days beforehand.

We will send you an e-mail confirming the availability. Subsequently, applicants must collect their camping permits in person 3 days after their confirmation e-mail. Applicants must go to the Citizen Attention and Information Office (OIAC) with their identification card.

Please remember that you must indicate your option by order of preference.

 Do not forget it only generates one reservation with the unique option available.

For further information you can consult the camping procedure and rules.

We inform you that the recreative area of Ana López will remain closed as a result of the Tejeda`s fire. 

Due to the fire occurred at the summit of Gran Canaria, we inform you that the following camping sites and recreative areas will remain closed until further notice such as Llanos de la Mimbre (Tamadaba), the recreative area of Monte Pavón, other areas of the mountains including the camping site of Llanos de la Pez, Corral de los Juncos, Bailico, Altos del Pozo and Llanos del Salado and the recreative area of Llanos de la Pez, the camping site of La Presa de las Niñas, the hermitage of Santiago and the recreative area of Santa Cristina.


We remind you that as a user of the infrastructures of public use, campsites and recreative areas, you must consider the “Norms of the use of fire in the aforementioned areas” and the “Preventive measures in a high risk period” before an emergency situation of a forest fire.


At this time, we recommend you not to enter the affected areas so as not to interfere with the work of the emergency and security services as well as with the task of the public authorities involved in the fire extinction and the vigilance of the burned areas.


It's very important to follow the indications of the #twitter of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria and the @112canarias. Likewise you must follow the Official profiles.



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